30 Days of CURRY: Day one — Community campaigns!

We thought that there would be no better way to launch 30 DAYS of CURRY, than to focus on the community first! We are pleased to announce the first day, which will be covering our very own MEME competition + community marketing scheme! The campaign will build off of the communities creativity and cover marketing efforts from individuals covering a wide variety of channels. See details below:

  1. Community marketing scheme:

The campaign will be broken down into three key areas which make up our primary marketing channels. Users will be rewarded for promoting CurrySwap within these channels and the users with the most engagement will receive CURRY & USDT rewards. The breakdown is below:

Forum Marketing

Users are encouraged to share their thoughts on CurrySwap with relevant links to our website & Telegram channels. The primary aim is to positively influence external communities to join our network.

Forums include: 4Chan, Reddit, BitcoinTalk and any other related crypto forum.


  • 1st place: $150 + $50 in CURRY.


  • Users that create unique content will be rewarded.


Users need to promote CurrySwap on external DeFi influencer accounts. Users should link back to our Telegram and tag us on Twitter. It is important to target larger accounts to ensure greater reach and engagement.


  • 1st place: $150 + $50 in CURRY.


  • Users that create unique content will be rewarded.


Users are encouraged to promote CurrySwap in a neutral manner which does not come across as spam in a wide variety of Telegram channels. The aim is to reach as many people as possible. Content can be reshared however the posts cannot look like they are from a bot.


  • 1st place: $150 + $50 in CURRY.


  • Users that create unique content will be rewarded.

Submit your promotions here: https://forms.gle/YdM6Y2sTMznQPyZA7

2.) Meme competition:

There is nothing better than to launch our first day with the Ultimate meme competition! We are taking on CURRY in all flavors and humors, find out how you can win some more CURRY below!


1.) Auction lobby memes

2.) CURRY memes (BollyWood welcome!)

How to Win?

1.) $200 prize for the best meme. Voted by CurryChef.

2.) $100 prize for the best runner up meme.

3.) $200 ($50 x4) in prizes to randomly selected individuals in both channels!


1.) You need to add in our Telegram link to the meme.

2.) You may submit as many memes as you want.

3.) Winners will be selected by CurryChef and random selections will take place via random number generator.

4.) In the case of suspected fraudulent behavior, participates will be banned from taking part in the campaign.

5.) Campaign is officially live and will end on 02.02.21 with winners being announced 48 hours after the end of the event.

6.) Please make sure to submit the meme within the @curryswapchat group!

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