30 Days of your favourite DeFi delicacy — CurrySwap!

As we finish up the final stages of our premier product, the CurrySwap Yield Farm, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all participants that have been with us from the beginning, through thick and thin. Without you, we would be merely an idea, however we have grown into a strong and enjoyable community. With the upcoming launch of our auction lobby and our most exciting product, we thought it would be fitting to be enjoying nothing but CURRY for the next 30 days! See what is in store for you.


We want to make this period as festive and engaging as possible for existing communities and and for our soon to be “curry lovers.”. As of the 25th of January, the CurrySwap team will be engaging in marketing efforts to grow interest in our upcoming auction lobby as well as create the wildest and lively community in DeFi!

What can you expect when eating CURRY for 30 days straight?

Besides from an irritated digestive system, all community members can expect new and exciting events each and every day for 30 days. This is inclusive of:

  • Community challenges (Meme competitions, CURRY cooking competitions!)
  • Launch of external communities in different languages.
  • Technology and marketing partnerships.
  • Content creation events by leading DeFi influencers.
  • Weekly/Random giveaways (CURRY merch anyone?)
  • Educational releases related to DeFi and our upcoming Auction Lobby.
  • Mainstream media coverage.
  • Velvet list member exclusive rewards.
  • Exclusive announcements related to new product offerings.

We do not want to giveaway too much, but what we can guarantee is that we are about to truly realize the full potential of auction lobbies & make a lot of new friends! Countdown to DAY 1 begins, right now..

Curryswap: The first multi-chain yield farming platform. Start farming on $ETH, $BNB & $TRX!