CurrySwap News To Know — January!

In the midst of all the excitement of CurrySwap going live, we’ve built up a couple of announcements that we’re ready to share. Stay informed by keeping your eye on this page and scooping up our announcement bulletins as they’re released. In the first of its kind, here is the CurrySwap News to Know January addition.

CURRY Token Supply

First and foremost, we understand that there has been quite a bit of selling pressure due to the uncertainty of the maximum supply of the token, however please note that approximately 6.97 million tokens will be the farmed CURRY supply. The Lobby will only mint a total of 3 million tokens. This brings the total Lobby token supply to just under 10 million CURRY upon the completion of the last day of the Lobby.

CURRY Farming

Be advised that the CURRY farming will come to an end on Wednesday, 20 January, 19h30 UTC. Ensure that you’ve conducted all the farming activities you intended to before that time.

CURRY Inflation Metrics

We will announce the annual CURRY inflation metrics and annual APY in an upcoming post detailing everything. Please keep an eye out here for the announcement.

Lobby Details Launch

As indicated earlier, a portion of CURRY will be minted exclusively for the Lobby launch, afterwards CURRY will only be added into circulation via the food lobby on annual inflationary basis, however we will determine this with input from our community. We expect the Staking Pool and Auction Lobby to launch within the next few months, and directly thereafter we will be announcing further juicy developments and partnerships. Our goal is to build one of the largest Ethereum distribution pools for our Curry community, in an effort to cause a positive and stable feedback loop for our ecosystem.

A Quick Look At Previous Auction Lobbies

Still getting your head around the CurrySwap Auction Lobby? We understand, so we’ve put together some stats to help you see the potential in the defying new movement.

  • The Hex price has increased to provide a 3,800% return on investment.
  • The Wise Token increased a total of 301% from its initial listing price, to all its all time high.

Food Vault Launch

And finally, the CurrySwap Food Vault is on track and coming soon.

There really is never a dull moment in the CurrySwap ecosystem, and now more than ever. With teams working around the clock to deliver the spiciest in hyfi products, watch this space to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single flavour.