CurrySwap token launch and other exciting announcements

The staggering amount of interest shown in the launch of CurrySwap was an amazing time for everyone involved, reaching over $7 million in volume on Dextools on the day of the launch. With liquidity locked soon after and the community buzzing with anticipation, let’s take a look at what is on the horizon for our beloved CurrySwap.

Farming Event

A hot topic on the socials is the launch of Curryswaps farming aspect. The farm has been slated to open on Friday, January 15th at 19:30 UTC, and with the growth potential in this sector, it’s easy to see why the anticipation has been spicy, to say the least. Users will have the ability to stake their LP tokens and earn Curry for each mined block. The APY with differ from pool to pool but all will have the ability to take their earned Curry tokens and stake them in the upcoming Food Vault (Auction Lobby). This means that after launch, users will be able to take their accumulated CURRY tokens from the yield farm and earn ETH dividends over time by staking them in the Food Vault. These lobbies are where things will truly get interesting and the team is actively building the most intelligent lobbies to garner the biggest upside for all involved.


To keep a cohesive ecosystem for all of the CurrySwap faithful, we are building several Dapps that will be announced shortly. I would like to add that the initial Curry farmed during the Farming Event will be extremely important as more and more Dapps get added into the Curry ecosystem, take note CurrySwap community.


As I am sure most of you all would love to know the exact moment things will be happening and what exactly the future holds for CurrySwap, we will be launching new roadmaps as we get further into the protocol. These mini and extensive roadmaps aim to provide the community ( as this is a community project) with as much information about the vision and intended implementation as possible.

Marketing timeline:

We will be initiating our most aggressive marketing campaign yet in the build-up towards the Yield Farming event and the Auction Lobby. Our primary focus during this event is to reach as many relevant communities as possible including new locations and languages. The campaign will last over a 2 month period with daily marketing events within communities around the world. We will be releasing a marketing roadmap by the end of next week, which highlights exactly who we are partnering/collaborating with & when. Below is a breakdown of updates you can expect to see over the course of the next month, during our yield farming event & launch of our food vault:

  • Community expansion:

We will be launching new community channels and events supporting different languages, creating a more community centric environment for farmers/stakers from around the world. Our website will also be released in a variety of languages after launch which will ultimately increase conversions and TVL. Initial languages we will be integrating are:

  • Vietnamese
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • YouTubers:

One of our primary marketing channels for the launch of our high yield ecosystem is YouTube. We will be partnering with influencers of all sizes and onboarding them as brand ambassadors in many cases. We unfortunately cannot release all YouTube partners, however we estimate that we will reach over 250 000 potential investors through this channel. The initial targets will cover content related to crypto education, in order to onboard crypto newbies to our farm as well as reviews from high level DeFi influencers to bring over their community to us. Once the auction lobby is launched, we will move towards creators which cover passive income opportunities within crypto.

  • Press campaigns:

In order for CurrySwap to become a trusted and known ecosystem, an important factor for us is to ensure we create a positive brand identity across crypto and mainstream publications. Over the course of the next month, we will be engaging in aggressive press release campaigns for further brand recognition.

  • Telegram/Discord:

Telegram has always been our main channel of communication and user acquisition, it will continue to be our primary mode of communication with partnerships already confirmed some of the largest DeFi channels in the world. However, moving forward we will be forging new partnerships within different communities as well as Discord. Growing an engaged Discord server is one of our most important short term goals over the next few months.

  • Network advertising:

For users outside of Telegram, YouTube and Twitter, we will be launching a paid advertising campaign across the largest DeFi and crypto networks on the Internet. This includes homepage banners on the likes of DexTools, CoinGecko and other aggregators. These campaigns will launch during the farm and stay live throughout the campaign.

  • Website updates:

This is inclusive of updates relating to our current website as well as updates on external websites.

Internal website updates: We will be conducting an update of the site completely to highlight the launch of the token + relevant links to the yield farming event.

External updates: We have officially submitted our information to CoinGecko, Dextools & CoinMarketcap. This will provide further legitimacy to the project and allow us to reach more users organically.

We at CurrySwap again just want to thank the community for the support over the launch period. It is again important to remember that this was created to be a community project with a long-lasting lifespan and the feedback during this launch has been invaluable. CurrySwap aims to be the project you all want it to be and we rise every day to bring that to you, the community.