Introducing the CurrySwap daily lottery event.

The community spoke, and we listened! In anticipation of our migration to BSC, we have officially launch our daily lottery event — where new and existing CURRY holders will receive rewards in the form of a daily giveaway. Curryswap token holders that have a balance above 25 000 tokens will be eligible for the main giveaway and we will also add on a weekly giveaway where any community that has purchased within that week will be eligible to receive a weekly giveaway reward of $100.

The selection process will be completely random and eligible holders will be given a select number on a public spreadsheet. A random number generator will be used to select the winner daily.

Breakdown of daily lottery giveaway:

Any CURRY holder which has over 25 000 tokens will be eligible to take part in the giveaway. If you do not have this amount of tokens, we suggest you purchase additional tokens in order to be eligible.

The token holder snapshot will be taken the day before and users that have 25 000 CURRY will be eligible for the $100 daily reward the following day.

Rewards will be issued in BUSD/BNB and there is absolutely no limit to how many times a selected holder can win.

What else do I need to do to be eligible for the lottery?

One of the key focuses for the lottery is to create further engagement and following within the CurrySwap community. Besides from the 25 000 CURRY tokens needed, community members will also need to:

  1. Retweet and like the Lottery announcement
  2. Tag at least 2 friends in the comment sections.
  3. Like and retweet an additional post the following week of launch (Needed for those that wish to take part in the second week of the campaign.)
  4. You need to be in the Telegram channel.

There will be one winner per day for the next 10 days. Note that the lottery will pause over the weekends, and re-continue the following Monday (2 business working weeks.) Depending on how the campaign goes, we may extend the event, but the current end date stands at: 31 March.

Breakdown of the weekly lottery:

This is specifically for CURRY holders which have bought tokens within the launch of the campaign. Existing CURRY holders are eligible to join, however they will need to buy more CURRY during the lottery in order to be eligible.


USER 1: They are an existing CURRY holder, but bought an additional 1 000 CURRY in order to be eligible for the weekly lottery.

USER 2: They heard about CurrySwap and decided to buy tokens during the lottery event.

Note that the weekly lottery will last for 4 weeks (4 winners.) and will end on the 14th of April.

Final points:

Note that the first winner will be announced on the 18th of March and a public spreadsheet will be shared where everything will be tracked accordingly. Goodluck!