Meet CurrySwap’s Partners!

We thought it was high time to introduce the incredible partnerships we’ve incorporated into the CurrySwap legacy. Some you might know, some you might not, either way we’re here to include you in the picture and let you know how they’re contributing to the world class yield farming ecosystem we’ve created. In no particular order, meet CurrySwap’s extraordinary partners.

4King Media

Deeply integrated in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, 4King Media are the powerhouses behind numerous successful companies in the industry. The platform has driven many marketing campaigns that have led to their clients successfully raising over $100+ million in combined capital. The team is sharp, their strategies are flawless, and the results are evident. We’re thrilled to welcome the 4King Media team as a partner to our CurrySwap ecosystem.

Empire Global Partners

Empire Global Partners is a full-service consultancy service with a specialized emphasis on financial services licensing. This powerhouse is playing an important role in navigating the legal space to ensure that everything to do with CurrySwap is above board and in good legal standing. Also catering to an international market, the firm has worked with thousands of clients around the world, including large corporations. We couldn’t be in better hands.


Meet Hacken, our cybersecurity partner. As experts in the field they’re a leading cybersecurity consulting company particularly focused on cryptocurrency platforms and blockchain security. Hacken will be concentrated on the safety and security of our entire CurrySwap ecosystem, ensuring that all the tasty tokens and data remain where they are meant to be. The platform has an ecosystem of their own which will combat the cybersecurity of our platform from every angle.


Another partner in the cybersecurity field, Zyoko is also responsible for heightening our security and ensuring the right infrastructure is in place to keep bad actors at bay. The company is focused on augmenting (zyoko means augment) their clients’ potential through decades of experience and specially formulated tools and key solutions. The company has worked with large international corporations and built a reputation that precedes it. We’re thrilled to have these two leading security firms in our team.

We’re pleased to have successfully completed two separate audits with both Hacken and Zyoko, which have passed with flying colors. Knowing that the safety and security of both our platform and our CurrySwappers is not only in good hands, but of the highest standard is of the utmost importance. Are you ready for the tastiest CURRY returns around?

We’re ready for you.

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